Logical replication is a little more challenging than physical data replication. There are database, schema or table considerations, what and what not to replicate to where, all while ensuring you maintain a stable environment.

#RepAttack is a free curriculum and platform for hands-on learning related to Oracle logical replication where attendees learnt all about the underlying concepts and then trialled them in a fun and relaxed environment, working one-one with an instructor to support and assist along the way. 

The lab covered:

•      setup 2 VMs with Oracle 11g 
•      setup an open source order entry simulation program (called Swingbench)
•      replicate the order entry data between the 2 databases

The total time required for #RepAttack is around 2-3 hours. This lab is aimed at the beginner to medium experienced DBA that would like to know more about the interesting field of replication in an Oracle environment.

The underlying concepts learned can be used for different replication use cases, including:

•      zero downtime upgrading and patching of Oracle databases
•      setting up offload reporting
•      setting up a distributed Oracle environment

The session included a deep dive into core concepts to make sure you return to your organisation with an in-depth understanding of how both replication and virtualisation really work.

#RepAttack is a great learning & networking opportunity to join up with peers. Follow the conversation at #RepAttack.

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