Name: UKOUG Tech15 Conference Keynote: Re-imagining the Role of IT for Digital

Neil Sholay, Head of Oracle Digital, EMEA


As head of Oracle Digital, I lead Oracle Digital’s drive to become the leader in Digital Transformation.  Responsible for Oracle’s go to market strategy and thought leadership for Oracle in the Digital marketplace and supporting Oracle's strategic Digital customers across EMEA.

Presentation Abstract

We are entering a new digital industry economy where everyone will be a technology company. The demand for faster innovation cycles, the ability to respond to non-traditional competitors and the realisation that Data is actually a form of capital will put even more pressure on CIOs and IT departments unwilling or unable to transform.
This keynote will explore the shift from monolithic, centralised IT towards IT becoming the Digital factory. Unlike enterprises that are born digital, most don’t have the luxury of starting with a clean slate; they must build an architecture designed for the digital enterprise on a legacy foundation. This keynote will explore the role of Two-speed / Bi-Modal IT to support the needs of the Digital business and the imperative to maintain existing systems in a stable, high quality environment.
The keynote will offer real examples of Digital disruption, describe what Digital means to an organisation and present the characteristics of Digital leaders as observed over the last two years of working on Digital Transformation projects.  Finally, it will address the role of culture, talent and organisation design for Digital Transformation  – something often overlooked.