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Steve Devine - Nuage Solutions

Steve has worked in a range of industries over the last 23 years both as a consultant and end user for many global and FTSE 100 companies across Telecoms, Healthcare, Retail, Financial Services and Leisure. His presentation provides an introduction on how industrial and graphic design principles complement the more adopted science orientated aspects of data visualisation design. It will explore how designing for desktop and mobile platforms is different, and how specific features in OBIEE dashboards and Oracle MAD support the realisation of the different platform designs. The final discussion will be around the specific role that Mobile BI can play in driving user adoption. Steve is presenting on Monday at 16:20, "Increasing User Adoption Through Effective Data Visualisation Design & Mobile BI"

Steve's key takeaway:

Join me to find out about data visualisation best practice, mobile innovation, new mobile use cases and how together they can help increase user adoption.


Osama Mustafa - Gurus Solutions

Osama Mustafa is an Oracle ACE Director, Creator/Director of Jordan Amman Oracle User Group, the first Group in Jordan related to oracle technology and author of the book "Oracle Penetration Testing". Osama specialises in Fusion middleware, In memory database Times Ten, Exalytics and Exalogic machines, he is a frequent speaker in Oracle User Groups around the world and one of the event organisers of both RAC ATTACK and Fusion middleware ATTACK. He has had articles published in Oracle magazine, OTECH magazine and UKOUG Oracle Scene magazine and you will also find him blogging and sharing his knowledge at conferences. Simply he is Oracle passionate. Osama is presenting on Wednesday at 15:30, "Oracle Fusion Middleware High Availability"

Osama's key takeaway:

Join me to hear best practice for the different types of Fusion Middleware availability.



Kiran Tailor - CIMA

Kiran has over 15 years experience as a Senior Oracle Database Administrator in Oracle 8i,9i,10g,11g on Linux, Solaris 9 & 10 and Windows comprising of installations, configurations and upgrades.Recently he has been extensively working with Oracle Exalytics comprising of OBIEE configuration and full integration of Times Ten DB (In-Memory) to Oracle DAC. Kiran is presenting alongside Chris Jenkins, Oracle on Monday at 13:50, "Facilitating Innovation Through Analytics with Exalytics"

Kiran's key takeaway:

Think outside the box



Bryn Llewellyn - Oracle

Bryn Llewellyn has worked in the software field for more than 35 years. He joined Oracle UK in 1990 at the European Development Center to work on the Oracle Designer team. He transferred to the Oracle Text team and then into consulting as the text specialist for Europe. He relocated to Redwood Shores in 1996 to join the Oracle Text Technical Marketing Group. He has been the product manager for PL/SQL since 2001. In 2005, he became responsible, additionally, for edition-based redefinition. Bryn is presenting twice, first on Super Sunday at 16:00, "Transforming one table to another: SQL or PL/SQL?" and on Tuesday 8th December at 10:00, "Why Use PL/SQL?".

Bryn's key takeaways:

Sun: A SQL statement issued from a PL/SQL program is, in effect, a subroutine. When you do the top-down design of your PL/SQL program, remember that sometimes a subroutine is best written procedurally in PL/SQL code; and sometimes it's best written declaratively as a SQL statement.

Tues: “Many users embrace PL/SQL and expose the database module to client-side modules using an interface of PL/SQL subprogams. They're happy with the correctness, maintainability, and performance of their applications. Some resist PL/SQL. Really, they're resisting the wisdom of modular software construction -- a generic software engineering best practice as old as computer science itself. Of course, then, their applications suffer from incorrectness, maintenance challenges, and poor performance.



Luis Weir - HCL Technologies

Luis Weir is an Oracle Ace Director and a Digital Principal Architect for HCL technologies With several years of experience implementing IT solutions across the globe, he has successfully delivered several large and complex Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and API solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Luis is very passionate about technology. He has co-authored 2 books (Oracle SOA Governance 11g Implementation and Oracle API Management 12c Implementation), a blogger and also a regular speaker in major conferences and events. A well-known industry expert especially when it comes to Oracle middleware technologies Luis is also an Oracle ACE and OTN certified SOA black belt. Luis is presenting "APIs, Microservices, Cloud Integration? What do They Have in Common & How to Implement Them? " on Monday 7th December at 17:30.

Luis' key takeaway:

“This presentation will provide tips, reference models and processes that if applied, will help organisations successfully implement a digital platform and application services governance (ASG) and therefore avoid cloud spaghettis, siloed API’s landscape and microservices mess."



Uwe Hesse - Oracle

Uwe Hesse has 20+ years in the IT business Senior Principal Instructor at Oracle University Oracle Certified Master Member of the Oak Table Frequent speaker at Oracle User Group conferences Running a popular blog at uhesse.com. Uwe is presenting "Best of RMAN: Selected Features from four Releases" on Wednesday 9th December at 11:20.

Uwe's key takeaway:

“The Recovery Manager got enhanced with every release since its introduction in 8i but is often used without leveraging new features.
Highlights like Block Recovery, Multisection Backup, Duplicate with Compressed Backupsets and Table Recovery should be part of every DBAs repertoire!."



Maris Elsins - Pythian

Maris Elsins is an experienced Oracle Applications DBA currently working as Lead Database Consultant at The Pythian Group. His main areas of expertise are troubleshooting and performance tuning of Oracle Database and e-Business Suite systems. He is a blogger and a frequent speaker at Oracle related conferences such as UKOUG, Collaborate, and others. Maris is an Oracle ACE, an Oracle Certified Master, and a co-author of “Practical Oracle Database Appliance” (Apress, 2014). He's also a member of the board at Latvian Oracle User Group. Maris is presenting "DB12c: All You Need to Know About the Resource Manager" on Monday 7th December at 15:10.

Maris' key takeaway:

“Consolidation is still a hot topic in modern IT and Oracle Database 12c brings it to a completely new level with Oracle Multitenant. While the multitenant architecture improves the efficiency of resource usage, it's still important to understand how the available resources are distributed among all pluggable databases. In my presentation, I will describe the new features of Oracle Resource Manager in 12c, I'll show how the resource plans of standalone databases are converted into PDB resource plans and I'll measure the overhead of the resource manager."



Zahid Anwar - Version 1

Zahid is an Oracle Certified Master (OCM) and Senior Oracle DBA within Version 1's award winning Oracle Database capability. A well rounded DBA with 10 years' experience across government, media, finance, transport and the telecommunications industries. Zahid is no stranger to complex environments with a fast level of change. He is happiest when being technically challenged and enjoys resolving complex problems. An expert in the Oracle Database from versions from 8i to 12c Zahid is also certified and experienced with Oracles Exadata and Database Appliance. Well versed in Maximum Availability Architecture including Real Application Clusters. Zahids next professional goal is to attain the Oracle ACE accreditation. Zahid is presenting "Overheads of RAC" on Sunday 6th December at 13:30.

Zahid's key takeaway:

“Understanding the CPU usages on a RAC Cluster in comparison to Single Instance, the overheads in CPU RAC inherently brings, explain vertical and horizontal scaling and the pros and cons of each.



Tanel Poder - Gluent, Inc

Tanel Poder is one of the leading Oracle Database performance specialists in the world, having helped solve complex problems for customers in 25 countries on five continents. He focuses on advanced Linux, Oracle and Hadoop topics, including optimization of Oracle's Big Data Appliance and Exadata systems. Tanel has received the "Oracle ACE Director" recognition for his community contribution, research and publications, he is also a co-author of the Expert Oracle Exadata book. Tanel is presenting "Connecting Oracle & Hadoop" on Wednesday 9th December at 11:20.

Tanel's key takeaway:

“If you're an Oracle professional but a Hadoop-beginner join me for a quick overview of how Hadoop-based SQL engines are different from traditional RDBMS and how to get data in/out of Hadoop."



Peter Scott - Accenture Digital

Peter is an expert level Oracle BI and Data warehousing consultant specialising in high-performance ETL, data warehouse design and data quality, When he is not working for his customers he is blogging, tweeting or speaking on Oracle, Big Data or life in general. Peter is presenting ODI Meets DEVOPS - An Introduction to Continuous Integration on Wednesday 9th December at 14:30.

Peter's key takeaway:

“One of the key themes in modern ETL development is how to integrate code deployment into a fully scripted and reproducible process. A key learning point from my presentation will be how to develop scripted processes in Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) so that deployments will be packaged and handed off to enterprise deployment automation tools."



Ann Sjökvist, SE - JUST LOVE IT

Besides a passion for Oracle Standard Edition, and in finding solutions to Customers concerns, Ann is also interested in IoT, IoM, BigData, Oracle Technologies and the opportunities it can bring the customers. Ann is presenting Standard Edition Something for the Enterprise? and SE DBA’s Life a Bed of Roses? on Monday 7th December at Tech15.

Ann's key takeaway:

“Challenges are there for solving purpose”
Join Ann to hear how she created solutions for managing the challenges that Standard Edition DBAs face



Dimitri Gielis, APEX R&D

With a passion for Oracle and Oracle Application Express (APEX), Dimitri is an Oracle Ace Director who offers development, training and consulting services with his company APEX R&D. He will be presenting A Primer on Web Components in APEX on Wednesday 9th December at Tech15.

Dimitri's key takeaway:

Understand what Web Components are and how to integrate those in APEX. Adding a webcam or voice in your APEX apps has never been easier!
Or: Web Components are the new kid on the block, go to this session to understand what Web Components are and how to integrate them in your own APEX apps.



Sten Vesterli

With two publications under his belt: "Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development - Made Simple" and "Oracle Web Application 101", Sten's mission in life is to make the world a better place by helping people use appropriate information technology to achieve their goals! He will be presenting The Future of Oracle Development on Tuesday 8th December at Tech15.

Sten's key takeaway:

Some Oracle Forms applications should be migrated to new technology like APEX or ADF. However, if you can’t add any value for the end user by migrating, stay with Oracle Forms.


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